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In New Jersey, which ended common law marriage back in 1939,

«The issue is homelessness, there’s a crisis in virtually every major city across [Canada]. Housing affordability, if it’s not an issue of scarcity, it’s an issue of cost,» Vaughan says. «What we’re trying to do is create a series of housing programs that address the full spectrum of housing needs.

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A word to the wise people who assume they have common law marriages can find themselves in for a surprise. In New Jersey, which ended common law marriage back in 1939, «couples who have cohabited for a number of years come in asking for a ‘common law divorce’ from their common law marriage only to realize that they are not married at all,» Weinberger says. «It is unfortunate that this myth persists in states like New Jersey because it can cause a great deal of frustration and heartbreak in an already fraught situation.».

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